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Five Golden Rules

1. Buy recognised artists.
This is especially true if they are the next generation or close relations of already famous artists. History shows an immediate swing to the next generation. Where possible, it is always best (and often more affordable) to start collecting an artist early in their career.

2. Buy major or at least significant work.
It will have more significance as an investment. If this is not possible, starting small or where you can is better than not starting at all.

3. Make sure the subject matter is synonymous with the artist.
In other words, buy something that is instantly recognisable. Avoid images that are out of the ordinary or that the artist is not known for, especially if you plan to resell the work at a later date.

4. Make sure the image is strong.
This means making sure there is nothing unusual or distracting about it – like a tree right in the middle of the painting or a figure that’s out of proportion. The painting should also be free of faults such as chips, crazing, discolouration, mould or cracks that could affect future archival stability or deter a future purchaser.

5. Provenance.
This simply means the place of origin of something. When it comes to reselling or purchasing investment art, you will need to have provenance. So always ask for it before you purchase to ensure authenticity. Always keep records, documents, stickers or receipts that directly relate to an artwork that you may wish to sell at a later date.

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