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Art Valuations and Appraisals

Valuations of artworks for well-established Australian artists can be obtained through Bluechip Investment Art Galleries by a registered Commonwealth-approved valuer.

Written valuations are usually required for one of the following reasons:

  • Insurance purposes
  • Superannuation Fund portfolios which include artwork require regular updated valuations
  • Family divisions or bankruptcy
  • You would like to sell your work privately and require a current value of the work. A valuation from Bluechip Investment Art Galleries also gives the potential purchaser peace of mind knowing that not only is the artwork authentic but they are not being over charged for the artwork

The cost of a valuation is $150. The written valuation will include your provided photograph and so when attaching the photographs please ensure that the 1st photo is taken front on and squarely, for the best result. The 2nd photo is to be the same but include the frame. The 3rd photo is to be of the back of the artwork. The back of the artwork is necessary to show the inventory number and if the painting has a microchip or has had Pro Hart’s DNA applied. Please ensure there are no flash marks or glare on the photographs.

Please contact the gallery for further information on (07) 5452 5600 or contact us


Bluechip Investment Art Galleries sell a range of investment artwork and are always on the lookout for resales of Pro Hart, Hugh Sawrey, Robert Dickerson, David Boyd and some other well-known investment artists. Bluechip Investment Art Galleries’ commission is 33.3% (incl. GST). Please fill out the Art Valuation/Appraisal form below for either a written valuation or a request for an appraisal of an artwork for resale. Once submitted, you will receive an invoice for payment if a written valuation is required or we will contact you to discuss the sale of your artwork.

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