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David Hart is best described as an action painter whose strongly knifed works are remarkably defined and delicate. As paint is spilled over surfaces and splashed about, it creates energy texture and life with each explosion of colour. As an explorer he isn�t afraid to investigate new techniques and it�s these discoveries that fuel David�s passion for his art.

His interest lies in illustrating life. Whether he�s painting Australian history, flower studies, beach scenes, gentle watercolours or masculine mining towns, like his renowned father Pro Hart, David is a great observer, influenced by all that he sees around him.

Born and raised in Broken Hill, New South Wales (an outback Australian town rich in mining heritage with a vibrant arts community) David grew up in a home which fostered creativity and made it fun. He watched his father at work and first put paint on canvas while he was still in nappies. Encouraged but never pushed, he explored his creative interests, dabbling in pottery, sculpting, enamelling, casting and welding during his youth.

Creating his first serious painting when he was just sixteen years of age, David began the first steps on a journey that would see him become a recognised artist in his own right. Benefiting from his lifetime of exposure to really great art and artists whom he was fortunate enough to meet as a young boy in his family home, there is no doubt, however, that his father Pro Hart has been the single most important influence in David�s life. He learned from Pro�s experience yet developed his own technique and style.

Australia�s harshness and beauty have been distinctive influences in his life. Growing up in the Australian bush has left David with lasting memories of interesting characters and the challenges they face living life in the outback. He paints from his soul and produces work that reflects his love of painting. Exhibiting nationally and internationally, his artworks are held in corporate and private collections throughout Europe, the United States of America, SE Asia, the United Kingdom, Japan.