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Grayson VARIO

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Grayson Vario epitomizes the image of an Artistic protégé. Studying and painting from the age of only five, Grayson has been carefully groomed by his mother, well known Australian Artist Linda Vario.

His talent is evident for all to see through his thought-provoking subject matter and unique surrealist perspectives. Full of colour, texture and a variety of medium, his exuberant and youthful perception is balanced by his depth of knowledge, technique and a proficiency that is far beyond his years.

He initially came into the spotlight with his vibrant colour pallet and funky fish, but has progressed into series featuring transparent portraits of 1950's starlets, stunning girls covered in butterflies, mysterious masquerades, and artfully placed feathers.

Grayson is very proud of the fact that he is a generational artist and holds dear to the family tradition and craftsmanship. He is fortunate to now be forging his own niche and reputation, as many well-known galleries around Australia secure him as a permanently represented artist. In recent times his works have hardly had time to make it to the gallery walls before being snapped up by discerning collectors keen to purchase the early works of a potential future Australian artistic icon.

He has had numerous successful exhibitions throughout QLD, NSW, Vic and WA.

Grayson lives and works in South East Queensland in Australia. He is also a keen surfer and an active role model and voluntary youth worker within the South East Queensland region.