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Victor MAK

Victor Mak’s artwork is resonant of an extraordinary & privileged childhood where the Murray River in South Australia was his back yard and playground. Free to explore, swim, fish, canoe, camp and cook on open fires. It is the kind of childhood and freedom that dreams are made of.
Victor Mak was born in Adelaide in 1965.

Victor Mak’s work is described as “Australian Fusion” a new genre in the landscape of styles.

His bold abstractions of our beautiful country have been applauded for it’s dynamic and rapturously expressive use of colour, which evokes a sense of movement across our land.

His careful application of thick rich colour in intricate patterning creates a three dimensional molded topography. Colour floods the land forms with the static tension of MAK creation , energy metamorphosed into rock, river, billabong and sandy creek beds.

His sinuous, serpentine theme seizes the eye with an extremism of colour – reds, blues, greens and sienna’s so deep they almost shade into darkness – allied with a delicacy of dotting so controlled the paint surface seems to pulse with minute and constant motions.

Victor Mak has been painting since his early 20’s and anticipates many more years of creating meaningful artworks for his collectors to enjoy.