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Joanne Villani is an extraordinary South Australian contemporary artist who is rapidly gaining national acclaim for her exquisite technique, vibrant colours and creative use of eclectic medium. The culmination of these approaches is artwork of immense depth, texture, mood and life.

Villaniís artistic career started 25 years ago as a result of growing frustration at the inability to acquire vibrant and colourful artworks for her clientele. As a professional colour analyst and trainer for many years (both nationally and internationally), Villani understood the importance of colour in our social and professional environments and the ambience it creates to engender a sense of well being in our lives.

With no formal artistic qualifications, she experimented by raiding the shed of her builder husband to pioneer the use of new materials with unique application methods. These techniques have produced a truly distinctive and original dimension to Villaniís artworks. She has since spent many years fine-tuning her trade under a number of private tutors.

In more recent times Villani has spent significant time in Asia and has fallen in love with the deep history and diversity of these rich cultures. This is evident in much of her work today, with the use of vibrant reds, washes of bright colours, silver and gold leaf and the use of high gloss finishes. Villani is also well-known for her use of large and unusual dimensioned canvases, many of which are commissioned for private and corporate clientele.

As a Pisces herself Villani has been drawn to painting Koi fish featuring in many of her works. It is her favorite subject matter.
Of late she has taken to painting her beloved Koi, in hand made bowls to give a distinct three-dimensional appearance, a unique technique which took over a year to perfect. It starts by putting down a layer of resin and then painting the first acrylic paint layer, then another resin layer, and so on. After very many layers of resin and paint, an exquisite three-dimensional fish swimming in water is finely produced.

Villaniís work is held in many galleries and collections both private and corporate throughout Australia and South East Asia where she is represented by galleries in Hong Kong and Singapore. In 2018 after a sellout exhibition in Hong Kong her work was on he front page of a daily newspapers.