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Pacinta TURNER

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From Utopia, Pacinta Turner’s language is Anmattyerre and her skin name is Nakamarra. Born in 1999 she is a remarkably gifted and talented young emerging artist with a highly-pedigreed artistic background. The daughter of established Indigenous artists Caroline Numina Pananka and Daniel Pula Turner, Pacinta’s great aunt is Gloria Petyarre and her father is related to the late and renowned artist Minnie Pwerel. Her mother and her elders have taught and continue to teach Pacinta to paint her cultural dreaming stories.

Pacinta paints “My Country” and her totem dreaming of wallaby which is seen in the tracks in her artworks. The dotted lines depict the wallaby moving to high ground at night in the desert near her home. Like all Utopia art, from its beginnings and through the explosive impact of Emily Kame Kngwarreye and Minnie Pwerle, to the new work by emerging artists such as Pacinta and the Numina sisters, the art of Utopa is constantly re-inventing itself. Pacinta’s works show a well- defined sense of space

Her works are shown in galleries in Queensland and in Sydney. As a truly young emerging artist, Pacinta was offered a solo exhibition and tour interstate whilst still at school. Although young, her paintings have been purchased by astute collectors and investors in Australia and overseas and her works are shown in galleries in the Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales. She is becoming a respected cultural representative in art of the story of the Dreamings of her family and relatives and holding up the heritage of an artist in her strong artist families.