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Storrier is one of Australia’s most respected and sought-after contemporary artists whose works are held in major art museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Fire has emerged as an iconic ‘character’, always manifested against the backdrop of a desolate landscape with expansive sky rendered meticulously with his signature ‘antirealist’ sensibilities. The resulting ‘memory-scapes’ are not about recording the landscape in terms of its topography, but rather conjure the essence of human experience using the landscape as a backdrop to reflect a state of mind.
His most famous artworks are the evocative depictions of the Australian landscape portrayed in his iconic Lines of Fire and subsequent Burning Log series. In a mastery of technique, Inspired by the destruction and decay of material culture and the beauty and harshness of the outback these paintings capture, with a sense of immediacy, its brooding vastness and desolation. The stringlines of fire hung horizontally showcase the flames as a source of beauty, power and vitality.