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Jeroff was born in Urmchi, Western China in 1957 and comes from Russian Parentage. At the age of 17, the Chinese Government selected Palla, to study the fine art of oil painting and drawing at the University of Xian where he received a Bachelor of Arts. After seven years of study Jeroff became an Art Professor, engaged in artistic teaching and research for many years. He believes passionately that artistic creation should be a distillation- a colliding of the spirit and the physical world, adhering not to forms of impressions but that the forms yield to substance.

A trip to Australia in the early 1980’s greatly affected Jeroff, inspired by not only the wonderful colours and landscape but also the easy-going culture. It is rare for an artist to be able to achieve successfully the styles of a culture unfamiliar to his original heritage. Jeroff has adopted Australia as his country and has transferred his artistic talent to a new land. He is known for his wonderfully rich textures and colours which capture the spirit of the Australian landscape and its people, in a way that is quite unique and authentic.

Jeroff’s work has been represented in exhibitions worldwide including China, Germany, United States and France. In 1985 he had a one-man watercolour show at Xinjiang University in China; in 1987 his oil paintings were exhibited at the Hong Kong Art Centre and during this time he won First Prize in the China National Watercolour Exhibition. He is now represented in the National Collection of China.Following a highly successful exhibition in 1998, at the acclaimed Guangzhou International Art Exposition, principals from the Guangdong Museum of Art visited Sydney to choose one of Jeroff’s works to hang permanently in the Museum’s private collection – one of the most prestigious art collections in the world.

Jeroff exhibits widely throughout Australia and internationally. His highly sought-after work is held in numerous corporate and private collections both national and international as well as prestigious international art museums.

I’ve been searching for a pure art language for many years. In my pursuit I have experimented with quite different styles over the years. Finally, after 20 years I believe that I have found a solution. The painting is not what you paint but it is how you paint it.