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Born in Scotland, Pirie emigrated in 1994 to New Zealand via Germany, finally settling in Australia in 2012. A prolific artist, he has mastered a variety of styles and mediums. Initially exploring realism and surrealism using graphite and watercolour, Pirie then worked in pastels (oil and chalk) painting fine nudes and beautiful landscapes.

However, it is for his rich abstracts and exquisite drawings of wildlife that he is primarily recognised. Skilfully executed in graphite, his fine wildlife drawings portray an intimate understanding of his subject, engaging the viewer into the narrative of their worlds.

Pirie’s abstract works are designed to create sense of mystery, exploration and escapism. They are rarely titled to avoid planting seeds of thought thus allowing the viewer to explore and find their own interpretation of the image.

Compositional mastery is evident in the artist’s confident use of his chosen medium flowing across the canvas in bold yet restrained strokes. Pirie’s use of tonal varieties of primary colour produces contemporary landscapes resounding with the rhythm and radiance of light, colour and movement. The evocative A New Day pulsates with quiet tension and anticipation.

Pirie exhibits extensively throughout New Zealand and in Australia. His work is held in numerous private and corporate collections and he is a regularly commissioned artist.