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Always a creative, Manfred spent 25 years in Sydney as an artistic hair artist. Moving to South East Queensland over twenty years ago, he turned his creative passion and great artistic talent to ceramics. A skilled ceramicist, Manfred is recognised for his large hand-built pots and sculptural pieces.

He is particularly inspired by nature and his frequent travels around the world. In this organic Seaside series of smaller free form Coral Vases Manfred explores and celebrates the textures and colours of his marine environment. The unique and beautiful works of art he produces have a stability of form which belies their fragility.

Manfreds complex technique involves mixing different clays on the one pot. He first mixes terracotta like clay for the base clay, then layers it with stoneware clay. At that stage, the ceramic pot is then covered with three different blue glazes, each of which is individually wiped off to create exquisite shades of the sea.

Manfreds ceramic works are highly collectable, forming part of art collections throughout Australia.