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Charles WILCOX

Charles Wilcox has had a love affair with the ocean since his first steps into the waves. From a young age, a hunter-gatherer ideology has influenced his life and work from free-diving for seafood to collecting driftwood and reinstating old junk to new glory.

Wilcox�s works are a reflection and representation of his love of the sea, adventure and travel. His paintings capture the energy and often-unpredictable nature of the sea. Bold strokes of thick impasto add great texture and his confident and edgy use of inks add spontaneity and drama to his works. The artist�s newspaper works are inspired by vintage summer advertisements from the 1950s-1960s. The stripes he paints are a classic and timeless pattern found on beach umbrellas, deck chairs and swimwear - synonymous with summer on the coast.

From sculptures to paintings, it is the unique items he finds which provide inspiration to use within his works. Each piece speaks of its journey: aged and dog-eared newspapers revitalised by youthful ink beauties painted on top, twisted branches smoothed by sand and water and blemished iron beautified by natural patina. Wilcox travels to isolated beaches in Far North Queensland, selecting materials shaped by the harsh elements of the Australian environment to use in much of his artworks - washed-up driftwood, flotsam and jetsam found by chance on a secluded beach, having survived a journey across vast oceans; corrugated iron and other salvaged building materials, scorched by sun and hammered by storms.

�I have always loved the vintage advertisements and billboards, the classic look and style of that era - I enjoy bringing life back to something old and discarded. There are many challenges with newspaper works; with a single brushstroke you can easily cover a piece of history which I think resonates with modern media � you don�t always see the full story�.