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Rachel Favelle is an Australian Pop Surreal artist and illustrator. Graduating with a Bachelor of Illustration in 1997 and a degree in Secondary Art Education, she has been an artist and visual arts teacher since 2000.

Fairytales particularly the original tales by Grimms and classic childrens literature became the focus for her artworks during her Illustration degree where the protagonist is presented with conflicting choices. Each individual has the potential for light and shade, good and evil. It is this duality that I find intriguing.

With a finely-honed attention to detail, Favelles richly coloured and alternate worlds inhabited by quirky eyed characters imbue the works with narrative and a contemplative stillness. Early works in painting were inspired by playful memories of childhood, antiquated objects and puns. As her work has developed it has become underpinned by explorations into relationships, both external and internal.

Favelles work focuses on the multifaceted nature of the central character. Engaging the viewer with their direct gaze these characters may be quiet but they reflect a strong connection to their surroundings and the creatures which inhabit their environment.

A finalist in the Rotary Arts Prize Neumann Portrait Prize and the Australian Art Lovers Prize her highly collectable works are now exhibited internationally in the United States and Portugal as well as throughout Australia.