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Christina RUSSELL

Christina Russell was born in Scotland, dividing her time between Scotland and Australia. She is drawn to the strong links between the two countries, particularly migration and culture. Russellís paintings reflect an imaginative marriage between the rugged grandeur of the wild Scottish coastal landscapes of her homeland and the spectacular colours and more placid moods of southern Queensland.

This relationship is evident in Russellís exquisite paintings of wildlife and in her choice of subjects. Much of her early childhood was spent roaming the countryside, where she was fascinated by the birds, bees and other small animals around her. Her paintings of these creatures create a gentleness and vulnerability rarely captured.

Painting mainly in acrylics and mixed media, the strong and powerful lines and the textures in her works reflect an intimate re-imagining of places. They are not proscriptive. Rather they draw the viewer in, allowing each to interpret the works as they see fit. Her artworks are indicative of place rather than representing a specific one. They evoke in the viewer a sense of familiarity and a sense of emotional connection.

Russellís works are held in private collections throughout Scotland, Australia & New Zealand.

I am driven by the spirit and energy of place Ė sometimes turbulent, sometimes brooding, sometimes peaceful, and yet always an intimate connection with the viewer.