Kev’s Cows


Dimensions 32 × 32 cm
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Gary Myers is a well-recognised Australian artist, passionate about art since his teens when he received private tuition from the impressionist Brisbane artist, the late David Fowler. Myers’ use of colour, composition and mark-marking developed from his early career as a cartographer followed by his work both as an illustrator and in the graphics industry. Distinctive and immediately identifiable, his art evidences a deep connection to the outback landscape and a passion for the history of Australia. Abandoning the traditional norms of landscape painting Myers has a unique style, utilizing a colourful and varied approach to his subjects. His extensive travels have given him a profound love of the Australian landscape, which in turn has inspired his artworks for over five decades. Myers has exhibited and attained awards in many art competitions spanning the last 50 years. An established artist, he has had over 45 solo exhibitions within Australia and in Brighton England) and Shanghai (China). With his artworks in high demand by collectors, his work is held in many collections - private, corporate and institutional – both in Australia and internationally.

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Dimensions 32 × 32 cm