The French Girl


Dimensions 37 × 27 cm
Medium: Pastel & Charcoal
Size: 27x37cm
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Robert Dickerson "Man in a Landscape" (Dickerson works of this quality and size rarely come on the market and could easily realise double this price with one of the major auction houses) The late Robert Dickerson, one of Australia's leading figurative artists, was also one of the Antipodeans (Brack, Boyd, Perceval et all) who changed the direction of Australian Art. His work is instantly recognisable.  With a simple brush stroke or pastel line Dickerson created intense emotion in the expressions of his subjects - sophisticated art that engages the viewer in conversation.  Everyday life and the universal themes of loneliness, vulnerability and isolation were Dickerson's inspiration.

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Dimensions 37 × 27 cm

Pastel & Charcoal