Barangaroo, Sydney

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“Barangaroo was a place I visited on my very first morning in Australia and I was captivated as the early morning sunrise lit up the Sydney skyline with a beautiful golden light. This influenced my choice of colours used on this piece of artwork, the vibrant gold and shades of blue and green. It was part of the territory of the Cadigal people, the traditional owners of the Sydney city region, and was used for fishing and hunting by Indigenous Australians prior to colonial settlement”

Dimensions 106 × 81 cm
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A contemporary artist born in Istanbul in 1988, Sebnem now lives in Australia. The application of vibrant colours and texture brings a structure-like quality to the artist’s urban works, embodying her love of nature and the environment. Gencer successfully synthesizes both concept and colour to create clear and clean work that instils pop culture and fashion elements Devoid of human presence my paintings enable the viewer to become the missing person within the work and experience the artwork through the complexities of the bold colours and textured patterns as you move through the landscape”

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Dimensions 106 × 81 cm